We always warmly welcome new Members, whether they wish to be on stage or backstage, and we do encourage all our members to help out behind the scenes whenever they can.  (Leading ladies can be seen wielding paint brushes; last year’s principals are this year’s stage crew; everyone does the get out after the show finishes).

We’re very proud of our productions and strive to make them as good as they can be.  What our appreciative audiences don’t see is the off-stage work that is cheerfully done by an army of volunteers who build sets, source props, prompt, crew, act as dressers, sell programmes, write budgets, design posters, put together programmes, make tea, act as production secretaries or deal with the administration of a thriving Society on a day to day basis.

If your particular strength is off-stage, in admin or making props or sewing or especially if you are Good with Wood, we would be thrilled to hear from you.  We recognise that the OFF stage part of our Society is just as vital and important as the cast on stage and we value and appreciate those that work so hard out of the direct limelight.  Some work on particular productions and some work all year round.

We are also very lucky as a Society in that we are able to perform at two lovely theatres:

At Cromer Pier Pavilion Theatre at the end of May each year we perform a musical for nine performances.  This is a big production with a full orchestra and professional sets, costumes, wigs, sound and lights.  We generally cast this in late November and start rehearsing in January.

At Sheringham Little Theatre we perform a play (or occasionally a small musical) in February each year and then again in October.  The February slot will hold auditions in October/November and the October slot will hold auditions in June.

If you wish to help us in an off-stage capacity you do not have to join as a Member but, should you wish to do so, our financial year runs from our Annual General Meeting in late October to the following AGM.  The cost of joining as a Member is currently £30.00 for the whole year or £15.00 for those unemployed or in full-time education.  (Please note that there is no reduced rate of subscription if you join us part way through the financial year).

Being a Member of the Society means that you will receive regular copies of our newsletter JUST A MINIM, enjoy priority booking rights for our shows and have access to our Members’ website and Facebook pages.

We hope that tells you a little more about us.  If you would like to have a further chat please give our Secretary, Amanda Howell, a ring on 01603 738356 and she will be delighted to give you any more information you require and perhaps arrange to meet you at the school so you can start to get to know us.