Evita Audition Info and Application Form

Please note that you need to be a paid-up Member for the new year to November 2023 before you audition.
If you are a new Member just joining and you are unsuccessful in being cast you may apply to our Treasurer for a refund of three-quarters of your subscription. (Subscriptions are £30.00 per annum or £15.00 per annum for those unemployed or in full-time education). 

*Please also note that if you are successful in your audition then this year, due to escalating costs, we are introducing a show fee of £20 payable at the first rehearsal in January or via BACS to the CSODS bank account. More information from our chairman regarding this is at the end of this page.


EVA (E below middle C - F 1 1/2 octave above middle C) female 

A strong and versatile actress must have a strong voice and be able to dance to a good standard. Evita's age ranges from 15 -33 over the course of the show. You need to be able to have physical stamina for this show as it is very demanding. A serious leading actress role with a period look. You must be able to display pain, sympathy, anger, wit and real authority all in equal measure. 

(Note: rehearsal commitment required) 

CHE (Rock Tenor to C) male 

The narrator. Must be able to relate to the audience and take them with him on the dramatic journey of the show. Strong singer required with good dance ability. Must be able to offer excellent versatility in order to fulfil the everyman role. Latin American in accent personality and feel. 

PERON (Strong Baritone to G) male 

Reasonable singing voice, but must display a strong sense of authority on stage. He is a man of the people and an impressive and charismatic politician. 

MAGALDI ('Cheesy" Baritone to G) male 

Charming loser who never quite made it. Has the first solo of the show and sets up the world in which Eva exists and establishes a Latin flavour. Should have a slightly awkward and Latin feel. 

MISTRESS (Light contemporary mix to E) female 

Early to mid-20s. A period look, Fragile and vulnerable. Has one big number and would join chorus after the number is fulfilled, also may act as understudy for Eva 

Chorus/Ensemble Movement during numbers will be required, but the movement will be set to accommodate mixed ability. I am particularly looking for all confident singers, prepared to learn and commit to rehearsals. Within the show there are many cameo roles which we will cast after the audition process. 

Advanced Dance This year will see, what I’ve chosen to call "Advanced Dance". I wish to bring dance into the show as a new dimension to the dramatic story, you will need some knowledge of Ballet, Latin, and possibly contemporary. 4 women and 4 Men. 


Sunday 11th December 2022 

09:00 - Chorus movement – To be run by Georgie assisted by Carole 

10:00 - Advanced movement – Argentine Tango and Contemporary Ballet – To be run by Carole and assisted by Georgie 

11:00 - Chorus Singing – You may choose to come in to sing your song in 2’s or 3’s – please state on your audition form 

12:00 - Cameo Role Singing – Individual singing only, to be considered for these roles – please state on your audition form 

13:00 - Lunch 

13:30 – Principals Auditions 

*Robin our Chairman’s Note regarding the show fee 

We have previously set a show fee for those taking part in CSODS productions as part of the cast. Such fees are not imposed lightly, but are a way of helping balance the budget for shows that are becoming increasingly expensive to stage (our Pier-based shows now cost upwards of £50k to product). Whilst we charge an annual subscription, this is paid by all of our members whether performers or not; a show fee can therefore help spread the overheads of our Society more fairly according to the benefits that members receive. 

Whilst our natural urge is to minimise outlay for our members, we are also mindful of the fact that there are very few – if indeed any – hobbies that charge less than one pound a week to be involved (based on our current subscription of £30 per year). 

If anyone would like to discuss this, or they feel the fee will preclude them from taking part please feel free to private message or email me.