Covid Policy


Keeping safe at rehearsals and giving our shows the best chance of getting to the stage!

We’re sure everyone will realise that – in the light of everything we have all been through since March 2020 – your CSODS Committee has been giving much thought to our policy going forward as we have a duty of care to every single one of you.

We recognise that individuals will have differing levels of anxiety about getting back into the swing of things again and, since we are plainly going to have to live with Covid for some time to come, we must be sensitive to each other’s feelings and situations.

We do not feel it appropriate that we dictate to you that you must be double-jabbed to take part in a show (although frankly we’d like to think that everyone who is involved in theatre will recognise the importance of it as a step towards normality in the arts as it will reduce the possibility of having to isolate for ten days).  Likewise, we do not feel it is appropriate to insist you wear a mask when not seated, have your temperature taken every rehearsal night, or take a lateral flow before every rehearsal.  Believe us; we have considered all of these measures but concluded in the end that it is not practical.

So we simply say to you: wear a mask if you prefer to; keep your distance if you want; use lateral flow tests if possible (and accordingly in response to the results).  If you don’t think these measures are necessary, please respect those who do think so: we’re all in this together.

We would say one last thing, though.  Trying to stage any show at all at the moment is fraught with difficulty (as we know from bitter experience) and it is imperative that we give ourselves every chance of getting our shows to the stage. Not only will it cause huge disappointment if we have to cancel, but we will lose many tens of thousands of pounds as we are no longer insured for cancellation due to Covid.

We will continue to review the situation regularly at Committee Meetings: we will amend this policy going forward should we need to do so and may need to enforce some restrictions should the situation demand it.

So, to summarise: stay safe; take whatever measures you personally think you need to; and please look out for each other. 


CSODS Chairman

PS As you will appreciate, providing refreshment is fraught with difficulty too so – and until further notice – please bring your own drinks to rehearsals.